Friday, April 5, 2013

My Basis Watch Arrived

Back in December I saw a post from Robert Scoble where he interviewed the Basis folks.    It arrived last week and I started wearing it last night.  It's going to be difficult to wear a watch again as I do a lot of typing and it gets in the way of my keyboard activity.

First impressions:

  • Nice packaging
  • Easy to setup
  • Nice display
  • Bigger than I had hoped
  • USB charging and syncing seems clunky

I've been using the Parrot Zik headphones for a few weeks now and enjoying wireless connections, so the USB connector seemed odd to me.  There are different design constraints of course.  A watch need to be able to get wet. I would never wear my Zik headphones where they could get wet.  The Basis has little metal contacts on the side so it can charge.  The Zik has a micro-USB port so it can use the same cables as my Android devices.  Making a waterproof mirco-USB cable could be a problem, so I can see why the Basis folks came up with their charging cradle.

Here's a shot of the cradle in use from their support site.  

I also notice that the Basis supports Bluetooth but I'm not sure if it's been activated yet.  I didn't see anything in the setup that discussed Bluetooth.

I'll report back after using it for a bit.