Thursday, July 26, 2007

Call Me: 636-590-3578

Ok, so I just signed up for a free phone line from AOL. This is a pretty cool service, I have to admit. (Disclaimer: I get my paycheck from AOL.) They will configure a local phone number for you instantly. The number can only be used to receive calls in the AIM client or go directly to voicemail. You can, of course, setup your own greeting.

Like Skype and Vonage, the voicemail can be sent directly to your email so you can listen to it in your email reader. Unlike Skype and Vonage, the real phone number with voicemail is free. With Skype you have to pay for SkypeIn to get a real phone number ($60 per year). AIM Phonline also allows you to set up SMS alerts and, of course, AIM alerts when you get a voicemail.

As with Skype, you can pay and get outgoing phone calls. Unlike Skype's pay as you go approach, with AIM Phoneline you pay a hefty $14.95 per month for unlimited calls. If you talk a lot internationally then it could be worth it. Skype has an unlimited plan but it's only unlimited to the US and Canada. Make sure to check the country list, Skype's list is more comprehensive. For instance, I can't call Vietnam with AIM Phoneline but it's coverted with Skype.

So give it a try, my new phone number is 636-590-3578. Leave me a message, a joke would be nice.