Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Zach is Everywhere

Tesla Motors is one of my favorite companies. I like it for a number of reasons:

  1. Cool Product (all electric sports car)
  2. Cool Town (San Carlos, where I used to live)
  3. Very Green (Bought one to stick it to Big Oil)
  4. Great People (See Zach below)
Just thought it was funny that while surfing the web here in Saigon I ran across this article about Veronica Belmont (who?) and immediately recognized Zach Edson from Tesla Motors.

Recently I was lucky enough to get to test drive the Tesla Roadster. (More on that in another blog post.) Zach Edson and Joe Powers were the guys that hosted me on this ride. I'm sure it was a pain in the rear for Tesla to arrange test drives for folks that had already bought a Roadster. To be fair, the drives were about feedback, not about giving the owners something fun to do. Sure, as owners we've put a lot of (blind?) faith in the company. But Zach and Joe went above and beyond in arranging the test drives. Thanks guys!