Friday, January 25, 2008

Flickr Limited to 200 Photos? Hello AOL Pictures

So I mozied over to my Flickr account today to add some photos and was taken aback by the above notice. Flickr is now limiting the free accounts to 200 photos! Wow, that's so 1999.

I do like the Flickr mobile and embedding features. But I'm not going to pay for my Flickr account. I guess I'll stick with AOL Pictures. At least with AOL Pictures there is no limit on the number of photos you can upload and share. Sure, the embedding features aren't as nice, but at least I'm not limited to a couple hundred photos.

BTW, one trick I learned with AOL Pictures. You can link directly to the photo by getting the permalink. You can then change the link slightly to get different sized versions of your picture. The link looks something like this.

Note the last part, =l.jpg. You can actually change the letter l (lower case L) to an f, m, s, or t if you want different sizes. F seems to indicate full size, L for large, M for medium, and S for small, etc.

Here are some examples of the same image with different size parameters:

s - small

m - medium

l - large

t - tiny?

f - full size

You can click on any of the above pictures and see the direct link to the image, if you're interested.