Saturday, January 19, 2013

Amazon S3 Static Sites

A friend of mine recently asked about hosting a simple static site for his business.  There are lots of places that will do virtual hosting for you, but he really just wanted a simple single page site for his business.  I remembered that Amazon recently enabled static website hosting using their S3 service, so I figured I would give it a try.

Pretty much just had to follow the instructions on this tutorial page.  I didn't do the redirect business since I only had one domain name, not two.  Also, it was easy for me since I already have a custom domain service at Dyn.

Logged into and created bucket.

Create a simple index.html file called ab90.html.  Uploaded it using the console.

Grant everyone open and download permissions.

Add bucket policy:

   "Principal": {
            "AWS": "*"

Select enable static hosting. Now go to the site and it's there!

Create a CNAME that points to and then it's done!  I now have a new static site at http://ab90.beguelin.com