Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun with iOS Development Profiles

Currently Apple's Development site is partially down.  In particular Xcode Automatic Configuration.  This means that if you want to add a new phone to Xcode can't automatically update the provisioning profile.  I figured out that I could create a new profile on the Apple Developer site, download it, and manually install it.

This worked fine except that when I installed the new profile Xcode said that "A valid signing identity was not found".   This seemed to say that I didn't have the right certificates in my key chain.  Some Stack Overflow articles suggested removing certs from my keychain.  At that point I decided to call Apple.  Luckily I was able to get some help.  It turns out that the profile I downloaded didn't have certificates for everyone.  Actually it just had one certificate and it wasn't mine.  Creating a new profile and making sure my certificate was included fixed the problem.

Back to coding now....