Friday, June 6, 2008

Amazon MP3 Downloads Rock

My daughter just got a new Samsung phone and this morning we spent some time putting songs on it. A lot of the stuff she wanted I had in my iTunes library from CDs that I've ripped over the years. There were a couple of new songs that she wanted. iTunes had them but only in protected AAC format. It was then that I remembered the Amazon MP3 Download store. The selection is great, the price is right, and no DRM. I tried it a few months ago. The selection seemed pretty slim and the download manager for the Mac didn't work. Both of these problems seem to have been solved.

Besides the three songs she wanted, I ended up buying a few full albums. It turns out she wanted Barracuda from Heart. I ended up buying the entire Greatest Hits album. (I'm listening to Crazy on You right now. Wow, it takes me back). It took me a second to figure out why my daughter would want Barracuda. It's one of her favorite songs to play in Guitar Hero on the Wii. I remember listening to this when I was in grade school and staying over at my friend Michael McTall's house. I'm pretty sure he had the vinyl album but it might have been a cassette. Now she'll remember it from her year in Vietnam and playing it on the family Wii with her brother!