Friday, June 20, 2008

Comcast Sucks (Still)

I was excited to try the new 16mbs service from Comcast. I patiently waited 4 hours for the installer to show. At the end of my service window I called Comcast to see what was happening. The rep told me that the installer was running over an hour late. I was furious. I had scheduled other meetings after my service window so I couldn't just sit around for another two hours. I asked if there was anything she could do. Maybe get someone out sooner? Maybe they could give me something to make me feel better for dissing me so. Nope, nothing. All she could do is reschedule. Unbelievable! I cancelled instead. Good riddence Comcast.

I called AT&T to get DSL service. The AT&T rep was amazingly polite. She was able to get me $150 in cash back incentives. This more than covers the $40 activation fee and $49 DSL modem. With AT&T there is no installer. They drop ship you a modem and you plug it into your phoneline.

Sure, I'll have to live with 3mbs service intead of 16mbs service. However, if my past experience with Comcast is any indication, the hours of waiting for them to install or repair my service doesn't make up for the difference in bandwidth.